Ear Wax

What is the outer ear?

Outer ear extends from the entrance to the ear canal to the eardrum. 

How do ears protect themselves?

The ear canal is a moist, dark environment where bacteria and fungi may thrive. However, ears keep them from getting infected due to the following reasons.

Oils in the ear canal

The acidity of the ear wax

Anti-bacterial material in ear wax

Rich blood supply of the ear canal 

Natural shedding of ear skin.

What causes ear infections?

Anything that disrupts the above

Use of cotton buds due to local trauma, and pushing wax against the drum Allowing dirty water into the ears

Eczema of the ear canals-affects the production of the natural oils etc.

Medical conditions as Diabetes

Excessive use of ear drops: puts ear's natural flora out of balance.

What causes wax build-up?

Healthy wax may build-up due to the shape of the ear canals or due to the hearing aids. Unhealthy wax which irritates is likely due to a chronic condition. 

What do we do?

We can examine and note the health of your ear canals. Simple wax will be suctioned, and any chronic conditions will be referred to an ENT surgeon for appropriate care.

Ear Checkup