Paediatric Hearing Tests


Paediatric Testing is done in a large booth or a soundproof room called the VRA booth. 


The large size is for the comfort of the child, the parent and the tester. Our booth is well insulated, calibrated and air-conditioned for further comfort.

A paediatric hearing test involves the following.

-Medical history related to hearing and ear.

-Microscopic examination of the ear. look for Andy developmental concerns or other pathology.

-Tympanometry: A pressure test to look at the movement of the eardrum and look for fluid behind the eardrums.

-Pure-tone audiometry: A detailed test on tonal hearing (either using puppets or a game)

-Speech audiometry: How well speech is perceived

-Reflexes involving the brainstem and ears which help detect specific pathology.


This will be followed by a discussion and a plan for your child. Affiliated doctors (GPs, or ENT surgeons) will be sent a detailed report on the findings. If required with your consent, allied health professionals such as speech therapists, school psychologists, behavioural therapists will be informed. 

Little Boy Playing Doctor