Hearing Aid
Adult Hearing Tests

A correctly conducted Adult hearing test can take up to one hour and should be conducted in a soundproof booth with calibrated equipment. Our highly specialised Audiologists will be using the latest equipment to correctly assess all aspects of your hearing (speech discrimination, tones perception, reflexes and pressures) and give you correct unbiased advice. You will be taken through results, and a typed report will be sent to your doctor. More about adult hearing tests.


Paediatric (Children's) Hearing Tests

A child's hearing can be tested from the time of birth.  Here at MPA a child can be tested for their hearing from the time they can hold their head unsupported, this is generally from six months.  From six months to three years, hearing can be tested with puppets (also called Visual Reinforcement Audiology).  Older children are tested with Play audiometry. This process needs a dedicated experienced audiologist with an excellent rapport with children and a specialised booth made for this purpose. With our brand new VRA booth and the highly experienced team, we can assess all aspects of your child's hearing accurately. More about children's hearing tests.

Hearing Aids and Maintenance

There are many varieties and brands of hearing aids. Cost depends on the brand as well as the features and capabilities of the aids themselves. Cost is not always a good indicator of the best hearing aid. As an unbiased, ethical and independent practice, we are not bound to any particular hearing aid manufacturer. As a result, we can provide our patients with the most suitable and most economical option to best suit their hearing needs. We will ensure you have the correct mould for the most comfort and and best function. Ongoing service will ensure that hearing aid/s will continue to perform to its optimum for an extended period. More information on hearing aids.

Ear Plugs

Ears plugs can be needed for  variety of reasons.  For keeping the ears dry, protecting ears for noise, as well as numerous other applications.  Certain chronic ear conditions and grommet surgery in children may require patients to keep their ears dry. We have a range of earplug that can help to achieve this. We will ensure the ear plugs are matched to your ear and needs. If needed, we can custom make earplugs for the best possible fit.. Ear plugs can also be used to protect your ears form noise damage and we have specialized earplugs particularly for musicians. More information on ear plugs.


Ear Wax

Our team has had additional training on wax removal as many of our patents have wax related concerns. Collaborative care with ENT services also means we have direct access to request an ENT surgeon for their input if we have any additional concerns.. More about ear wax and chronic otitis externa.


Tinnitus is the sensation of hearing a sound that is not physically present.  It can be constant or intermittent and can be heard in the head or in one or both ears.  For some people tinnitus causes no bother.  Tinnitus can be a troublesome symptom for some: All tinnitus suffers could benefit from a full diagnostic audiological assessment as a starting point to access their tinnitus.  Some forms of tinnitus warrant an ENT surgeons input. With collaborative care, we can be involved in tinnitus therapy for you. Some clients may benefit from hearing aids which reduce tinnitus. In some occasions "sound therapy" may prove assistance to those with troublesome tinnitus. More information on tinnitus and management.

Work Related Hearing

We conduct specific audiological tests needed for the workplace such as

Screening for Employment

Monitoring for industrial exposure

Screening for Employment (e.g. police, aviation, defence force, diving etc.)