Adult Hearing Tests


An adult hearing test requires approximately one hour to complete. The following will be conducted on the day.

-Medical history related to hearing and ear.

-Microscopic examination of the ear.

-Tympanometry: A pressure test to look at the movement of the eardrum and look for fluid behind the eardrums.

-Pure-tone audiometry: A detailed test on tonal hearing, which requires masking of non-test ear

-Speech audiometry: How well speech is perceived

-Reflexes involving the brainstem and ears which help detect specific pathology.


This will then be followed by a comprehensive discussion and explanation of the findings. If any concerns the patient will be advised to see your doctor or an ENT surgeon. With your consent, a detailed report will be sent to relevant doctors.

Recommendations will be made about follow up or hearing rehabilitation as clinically indicated.

Ear Exam